2013 Jamboree

Troop D234  Web Page

Leverage this web page to provide updated information as we countdown to Jambo
Check this page for new news, forms, and links
PDF files and forms for your reference are posted at the bottom of this page.   
Key Dates
  • Feb 24th 2:30 to 4:30pm Troop Meeting, Newtown Knght of Columbus - Class A
  • Mar 20th 7:00 to 8:30pm Troop Meeting, Milford CYC Office - Class A
  • Mar 20th Activity Selection Complete selections online under your Jambo Dashboard
  • Apr 15th Medical Forms Mailed to TX, Copy to Mr Wolf.
  • Apr 28th 2:00 to 6:00pm Troop Meeting Tarrywile Park - Hike
  • May 16th 7:00 to 9:00pm  United Methodist Church Newtown
  • Jun 2nd 2:00 to 4:00pm Troop Meeting, Newtown Knght of Columbus - Class A
  • Jun 15th Shakedown 8:00am to 8:00pm      Orange Fair Grounds, Orange CT - Travel Class A
  • Jul 8th 6:00pm            Troop Meeting, Milford CYC Office - Duffle Bag Pick Up
  • Jul 13th to Jul 25th Jamboree  
Adult Leaders
Mr. Wolf

Mr. Walker

Mr. Cruz-Zeno

Mr. Nulty

New News

July 8th
Troop D234 meeting Monday July 8th at Milford CYC Office, Duffle Bags will be distributed.  
Other Info
Mailing Address for your scout at Jambo:
Scout First Name, Last Name
Jamboree Troop D234
2013 National Jamboree
92 SBR 2
Mount Hope, WV 25888

CYC Jambo Contingent Itinerary (docx file attached below)

Saturday July 13, 2013
  • 6:00AM Arrive Sherwood Island SP, Westport to load gear and busses
  • 6:30AM Departure Ceremony
  • 7:00AM Depart Westport, CT, drive to Gettysburg, PA
  • 1:00PM Arrive Gettysburg, PA, lunch and tour National Military Park
  • 6:00PM Depart Gettysburg, PA
  • 6:30PM Arrive Mount St. Mary's University, dinner in cafeteria
  • 8:00PM Check-in to rooms
  • 10:00PM Lights out
Sunday July 14, 2013
  • 7:30AM Breakfast at Mount St. Mary's cafeteria
  • 9:00AM Religious Services on Campus
  • 10:00AM Depart Mount St. Mary’s University with box lunches
  • 1:00PM Stop at rest areas near Staunton, VA for lunch
  • 5:00PM Arrive Glen Jean, WV, go to WV Adventure campground
  • 6:00PM Dinner at campground
  • Evening activities at campground and convention center
  • 10:00PM Lights out
Monday July 15, 2013
  • 8:00AM Breakfast at campground
  • 9:30AM Depart campground
  • 10:30AM Arrive Jamboree site
Wednesday July 24, 2013
  • 10:00AM Depart Jamboree site, drive to Emmitsburg, MD
  • 1:00PM Stop at rest areas near Staunton, VA for lunch
  • 5:00PM Arrive Mount St. Mary's University, check-in to rooms
  • 6:00PM Dinner in cafeteria
  • 8:00PM Movie or other activity at Mount St. Mary's (indoor / outdoor)
Thursday July 25, 2013
  • 7:00AM Breakfast at Mount St. Mary's cafeteria
  • 8:30AM Depart Mount St. Mary's, drive to Hershey Park
  • 10:00AM Arrive Hershey Park
  • 6:00PM Depart Hershey Park, drive to Westport, CT
  • 10:30PM Arrive Westport Train Station Parking Lot
Jun 2nd
Troop J/D234 meeting Sunday, Jun 2nd at Newtown Knights of Columbus - Class A
St. Rose of Lima Church 46 Church Hill Road Newtown CT.  Go in driveway, make left behind the church it's the Knights of Columbus building upstairs like last time.
2-4pm Class A Uniforms, June 2nd.
Will be giving out the CSP's and Troop numeral patches and a rectangular Jamboree Patch. If you cannot attend this meeting, please make arrangements for someone that is attending to pick them up of for you because all scouts are going to be required to have two complete Class A Uniforms for the shakedown on June 15th with those patches on.

MEDICAL FORMS-To those that have given them to me thank you and for all others I do need a copy of A, B & C with a copy of your insurance card
May 16th
Troop J/D234 meeting Thursday, May 16, 2013 at United Methodist Church in Newtown, CT.  3rd assistant Scoutmaster Sean Nulty will be back from college and be present for the meeting.  Sean was at Summit Shakedown and will address your questions.
  • United Methodist Church , 92 Church Hill Road Newtown CT
  • Bring Medical Forms if still outstanding
Apr 28th
Troop J/D234 meeting Sunday, April 28, 2013 at Tarrywile Park and Mansion in Danbury, CT.   3.2 mile hike and service project.  We are starting at 2:00 PM and expect to be done by 6:00 PM.
  • address 70 Southern Boulevard, Danbury, CT 06810
  • meet level parking lot off Southern Boulevard, just across from Immaculate HS 
 Everyone needs to bring:
  • Water bottles
  • Working gloves
  • Be ready to use the timber hitch
  • Hiking boots
  • Class B uniform
  • Trail mix/snacks
  • Small hiking pack
  • Personal First Aid kit
Link to Tarrywile Park and Mansion: http://tarrywile.com
Below is an attachment of Tarrywile trail map (8.0 tarrywile_trail-map.pdf). Please make a copy of it and bring it to the meeting for you to use during the hike.  Parents and families can stay to enjoy the Park, go to the Mall, enjoy some of the restaurants in the area, etc.
Apr 10th
Troop J/D234 Itinerary for Jambo is attached below
(9.0 2013 CT Yankee Trip Itinerary M.pdf)
Mar 25th
Having trouble with Medical Form, just pulled the following from Bechtel Summit Facebook Page
Hi all. Sorry for the frustration some of you are experiencing with the forms. We've contacted the support team, and here's the latest:   "The medical form requires IE9 or later, Firefox 14 or later or Chrome 21 or later. If your browser meets one of those requirements check to make sure the browser is not in compatibility mode. You do that through Tools and then Developer Tools. Our developers have been working on pushing new code to production that should resolve a lot of the print, save and status issues everyone has been experiencing. That push should be complete by COB Tuesday so check things out after that and see if you are still experiencing problems. If so, call the national support center at 972-580-2489 or email 2013jamboree@scouting.org."

Mar 17th
Troop D234 needs a number of leadership positions filled...
  • senior patrol leader
  • assistant senior patrol leader
  • 4 quarter masters
  • 4 patrol leaders
If any one is interested, please fill out the docx file attached below (7.0 Jambo Troop Position Application.docx) and bring to the Mar 20th Troop Meeting.
Mar 11th
Troop D234 is looking for a 2013 National Scout Jamboree Hometown News correspondent.  All jamboree youth participants are eligible to register as a National Hometown News Correspondent with the opportunity to share their jamboree experience directly back home to their local news organizations.  See PDF file attached below for additional information (6.0 2013 Jamboree Hometown News Correspondents Needed.pdf). 

Mar 8th
Is is official - We are CYC Jambo Troop D234, staying in Village D (see pdf file attached below for a map, close to Summit Center!!!)

The Council is looking for T shirt designs for the Jamboree.  Please send designs to Mr Wolf.  The design CAN NOT have any Marvel characters .
Mar 1st
Medical Form and Activity Preference Form
Log On to your Jambo Registration Dash Board --- Jamboree2013 Dashboard
Medical Form Instructions
Parents/Scouts complete Parts A and B online
Print out form and take to Scout's Physician
Doctor and Parent signs/dates Part A page 8 to approve administration of any medication
Doctor completes and signs/dates Part C pages 10 and 11.
Ensure you provide a copy of form D - High Adventure Notes to Physician, pdf file attached below.
Mail completed form per instructions to TX, give Mr. Wolf a copy, and keep a copy for your records.
Activity Preference Form Instructions
Scouts need to rank their preferences for CURRICULUM Activities
CURRICULUM program activities are new for the jamboree model. Each participant will have the opportunity to experience ONE (1) CURRICULUM activity during the jamboree on a pre-scheduled basis. CURRICULUM activities will vary in duration at each program venue, but will typically last at least two hours and some as much as four hours. When complete, the participant may stay at that program venue and participate in ELECTIVE activities.
Detail information on Curriculum and Elective activities can found in the pdf file attached below (2013 Jamboree Program for High Adventure Activities.pdf).

Jambo Fund Raising Program
The Connecticut Yankee Council is offering a fundraising opportunity to help defray the expenses of the 2013 National Jamboree registration fee. 50% of all of your sales will be applied toward your Jamboree expenses. Click here for additional details Jambo Fund Raising


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