Jambo Fund Raising

Popcorn Fund Raiser Details

The Connecticut Yankee Council is offering a fundraising opportunity to help defray the expenses of the 2013 National Jamboree registration fee. 50% of all of your sales will be applied toward your Jamboree expenses.

Forms attached below...

There are 2 versions of the sale that you can take advantage of:
1) Show & Sell

  • Show & Sell is where you check out popcorn on consignment. You set up a display in front of a store, and sell the product on site. Any unsold popcorn is returned to the Council Resource Center, and you are only charged for the popcorn that is actually sold.
  • Popcorn for Show & Sell is available on a first-come first-serve basis. You can either reserve popcorn for a particular sale and pick it up later or stop by the Council Resource Center and select what product we have on hand.
  • Show & Sell requests will be held for one week. If the popcorn isn’t picked up within a week timeframe the popcorn will be released back into the general inventory.
  • Payment for the Show & Sell popcorn is due upon its return.

2) Take Orders
This is the traditional door-to-door sale. There is an attached take order form that shows the products that are available for this sale.
All Take Orders must be submitted by Friday, May 17th.
You may turn in take orders sooner than that. If product is available, we may be able to fill some or possibly all of your order then. Any product that is not in inventory here will be ordered and available by June 1st.

How are Payments Handled and Credits Applied/Issued

For Show & Sell – All Money from the sale is turned in when excess product is returned.
For Take Orders – All Money is due No Later Than June 15th.
When payments are received in full, credits will be applied towards your 2013 Jamboree balances due.
If sales generate more income than is needed to pay off the Jamboree balance a check for the difference will be sent to you for whatever you need on July 1st.

Jamboree Scoutmasters and Leaders are welcome to participate!!

For more information contact Jon Pleva at jopleva@bsamail.org

Dave Collins,
Mar 4, 2013, 2:59 PM