201404 Gettysburg Spring Break Trip

Tired of the winter?  Look ahead to Spring Break when Troop 135 will be heading to Gettysburg, PA for a trip that combines fun with history.  
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Apr 6th - Update
Posted Trip Itinerary with contact numbers to the bottom of this page.
Saturday PoP Movie and Sleepover has been cancelled, start Sunday morning at 7:00am.
If you have any questions please contact  Mr. Makai (alexmakai44@gmail.com)  
Key Dates
  • Mar 06th Permission Slip and $50 Deposit
  • Mar 27th $150 Balance
  • Apr 13th  7:00am Depart PoP
  • Apr 16th  3:00pm Return PoP
Cost - $200
Deposit $50
Balance $150

Trip Overview

We’ll camp near the famous battlefield and hike over areas where Union and Confederate soldiers fought for three days in the first week of July 1863, 150 years ago.  Gettysburg was the biggest battle of the Civil War and a turning point in that conflict. 

A National Park Service guide will accompany us on one of the days to point out highlights and explain the history.  We’ll see dozens of military monuments, including some commemorating Connecticut regiments that fought in the battle.  Our itinerary will include visits to the Devil’s Den, Little Round Top, Cemetery Ridge and Culp’s Hill as well as the site where President Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg address.   We will walk the path of Pickett’s charge where General Meade’s Union troops repelled the final Confederate attack.  By covering all the main sites on the battlefield we’ll earn the Boy Scout Gettysburg patch.

Touring the Visitors’ Center and Museum in the town of Gettysburg we’ll see artifacts from the battle, uniforms, weapons, and personal gear used by soldiers of the day. The Cyclorama will show us a panoramic view of the entire battle in a painting that’s longer than a football field and taller than a four story building.

We may also include a Ghost Tour to visit many haunted sites in Gettysburg.

Early Sunday morning we’ll be on the road, arriving at the campground in the afternoon.  The return trip will see us back in Brookfield in the afternoon of Wednesday, April 16.

We also expect to have a group of Civil War re-enactors visit our Thursday evening Troop meeting a couple of weeks before we leave to show us their uniforms and gear and tell us about their personal experiences visiting historic battlefields.

Cost of the trip is estimated at about $200 per person, including travel, camping, meals and admissions.  Mr. Makai is the organizer and he’ll want to know within the next couple of weeks who is coming, and collect a $50 deposit from each person by the first week in March.  Call him on (203) 775-8030 or e-mail alexmakai44@gmail.com with any questions.

You’ll get details about times, meals, what gear to bring and other subjects in the coming weeks. 

Dave Collins,
Apr 6, 2014, 5:22 AM