201407 Summer Camp

Troop 135 Sequassen Summer Camp Page!

If you're looking for something fun and exciting this summer, look no further than Camp Sequassen. 2014 marks the 87th year that Sequassen has been delivering strong Scout programs to troops. Your time at camp will be a very personal experience of learning, having fun and growing in mind, body and spirit in the presence of hundreds of your fellow Scouts.
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Key Dates
  • March 20th Summer Camp Kick Off
  • April 15th Pay by 4/15 receive $25 discount
  • May 1st Initial Summer Camp Roster
  • May 22nd 6:30pm Swim Test (Brookfield YMCA)
  • May 29th Submit Health Forms, Payment, Merit Badge Selection
  • June 5th Troop Meeting w/ Parents
  • June 18th Pre Camp Leaders Meeting
  • July 13th - 19th Troop 135 Camp at Nathan Hale Site
Camp Fee $405
Early Bird $380 - Pay Prior to 4/15
2014 Weblos $380
Additional Week / Family Member
Camp Fee $365
Early Bird $340 - Pay Prior to 4/15
LOBO additional $45
Eagle Week additional $30
2014 Sequassen Summer Camp Overview

Merit Badges
The camp merit badge program provides Scouts with opportunities to learn new skills, share with others, and develop a hobby or interest. Merit Badge work can be done in the campsites, camp program areas and even at home. Some merit badge requirements must be accomplished before arriving at camp in order to complete the badge at camp. The summer camp merit badge program requires advance planning by Scouts and leaders prior to arrival at camp

LOBO Program
Scouts 14 and older may enroll in a special high adventure program which combines earning merit badges with high adventure activities such as low and high COPE; biking, hiking and rock climbing off-camp; tubing on the Farmington River and other exciting activities. There is an additional $45 fee for this program. The program will provide time for merit badge work in the morning and high adventure LOBO Activities in the afternoon. There also is an option for an evening activity in case the patrol has stamina for "one more go at it". Lobodians (as Scouts enrolled in LOBO Patrol are called) will participate from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM in extreme activities scheduled by the staff.

Senior Scout Program
Special programs are conducted for the seasoned Scouts who want to work on more demanding merit badges, who need to develop skills in more technical fields of study or who simply want the thrill of engaging in the high risk activities offered by the LOBO program. In addition to individual endeavors, senior Scouts can band together with Scouts from other troops and form a Senior Scout Patrol (SSP) to participate in camp-wide activities and special programs. Participation in Senior Scout programs is limited to Scouts age 14 and older.

The following merit badges and activities are reserved for our senior Scouts: Chemistry

  • First Aid
  • Geocaching
  • Motorboating
  • Shotgun Shooting
  • Low and High COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience)
  • Geocaching Challenge
  • Nightcrawling on camp trails (if you have to ask you’re in for a surprise)
  • Snorkeling around Teddy Bear Island
Fifteen-year-old Scouts are eligible to participate in a two week CIT program. For the regular price of one week at camp, Scouts receive two weeks of leadership development training as well as hands on experience working in camp program areas. The CIT program consists of the 1st week of camp plus one other week working on-the-job in a program area. Scouts completing the CIT program will be given special consideration for employment on the camp staff the following year.

Star and Life Scouts who are thirteen years old or older who want to prepare themselves for the next step along the trail to Eagle may attend Eagle Candidate Camp. At Eagle camp they will earn required merit badges; attend discussions and seminars on Eagle Scout Boards of Review, projects, living as an Eagle, ceremony preparations, etc. These Scouts will attend as provisional campers and should submit a provisional camper application included in the Appendix of Camp Forms. Scouts may camp with their unit if coordinated in advance with the Camp Director. This program is scheduled for the fifth, sixth and seventh week of camp only. Since this program requires special staffing, there is an additional $30 fee for participating in the Eagle Week program.
Week 5    Jul 27 - Aug 2
Week 6    Aug 3 - Aug 9
Week 7    Aug 10 - Aug 16
Scouts will need to complete a Provisional Summer Camp Reservation Form.

Every Scout deserves a week at summer camp. Financial assistance is available from the Council by sending in a campership application with a $50 non-refundable deposit and camp registration form. If a full campership is approved, the deposit will be refunded. If a partial campership is approved, notification will be made as soon as possible. Full payment is due by two weeks prior to the start of the camp week.

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