201506 Troop Legacy Campaign (TLC)

posted Jun 7, 2015, 3:51 PM by Dave Collins   [ updated Jul 19, 2015, 7:03 PM ]
New Trailer  

After 20 years of faithful service T135 is retiring our Equipment Trailer. The cost to maintain combined with future safety/reliability risk needed to be addressed and Troop Committee voted to spend funds from our capital savings account to purchase a new $4,500 trailer. The trailer is the single most important piece of gear the troop owns. The Scout Trailer enables the program to run outstanding campouts either around the corner at Hoyt or across the state at Judith Point RI 130 miles away. It also serves as our only storage facility for staging of gear and helps centralize logistical planning of campouts.  Purchasing this replacement Trailer will ensure continuity of our excellent program into the 2015/2016 scouting year and beyond.  

Funding for a New Trailer  
T135 Treasurer oversees two accounts for the Troop, an annual operating budget checking account and savings account. The checking account is funded each year through our Annual Wreath Fundraiser program and covers the month to month operating expenses for the Troop (tents / propane / patrol box gear / offset campout expenses / patches & awards / etc). T135 also maintains a savings account for capital / emergency funds. This summer T135 will purchase a new trailer and use 90% of our capital savings account. Through careful planning and disciplined savings T135 has the funds to cover the cost of the new Trailer, however our capital savings account will be close to depleted following the purchase.

Troop Legacy Campaign (TLC Program)  
The Troop is asking for contributions from family and friends of T135. All donations are welcome and any donation $100 or over will be recognized on special plaque mounted inside the trailer.  

T135 is fortunate to have the ability to cover this important purchase. The funding for the new trailer is a legacy gift from Scouting Families over the past 20 years. Today asking all current families to give back and support the TLC program. Together we can rebuild the capital savings account for the next generation of T135 Scouting!  

Thanks in advance of your support!