201507 Important Information

posted Jul 7, 2015, 4:11 PM by Dave Collins   [ updated Jul 19, 2015, 7:02 PM ]
Dear Scouts and Scouters,  
Recently an individual posted critical comments regarding Scouting in Brookfield.  Although T135 was not mentioned in the post, the author was a mother of a former T135 Scout.   Her son is no longer in the Troop and has not been participating since March of this year.  Troop decided not to respond to the Facebook posting, however wanted to share with T135 families background from the Troop’s perspective.

Boys leave scouting for a number of reasons, two primary  reasons are...
·         Other activities take priority and they don’t have the time
·         The outdoor program is does not interest them

In this particular case the boy enjoyed scouting, however the Troop in general and the adult leadership were not meeting the mother’s expectations.  Most of her concerns focused on behavior of scouts and oversight by the leaders.  Over the course of a number of conversations Troop was not able to satisfy her concerns and she escalated her issues to Scatacook District and Connecticut Yankee Council.  This escalation was good in the sense that individuals outside the Troop (Council and District members) were brought in to review and help facilitate / implement corrective actions.  The reviews and conversations with District and Council also did not address the mother’s concerns and the final recommendation was for her son to change troops.

T135 Leaders and Committee Members are committed to providing an excellent Scouting Program for your son.  We have two requests going forward.  Please don’t respond directly to negative Troop or Scouting social media postings, however if you and your son see value in Scouts and our Troop please free to let your friends, family, and community know through conversations, Facebook, email, and links to Troop pictures.  If the Troop is not meeting your expectations please bring forward any concerns, at any time, with any Leader or Committee Member