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Year Round Camper Info

Connecticut Yankee Council (CYC) provides a special Year Round Camper Award / Patch / Rockers in order to encourage scouts to actively participate in scouting's outdoor program.  

Please download the CYC application pdf file below which the boys will complete and which we will submit for the award. The award will be presented at the next available Troop Court of Honor after CYC has approved it.

One of the key requirements is for camping on 12 consecutive months. If a scout misses a camp, the 'clock' starts again. The one exception is August. Although not stated on the form CYC deem Summer Camp as sufficient to cover July and August. Our troop, like many others, has High Adventure camp in August but this is not available for our younger scouts.

In some circumstances where scouts are unable to attend a troop camp we try to make arrangements for a separate smaller camp. On such occasions the troop requires the following occur on the camp: 

1. 1 trained leader and 1 other leader or adult be present
2. 1 other scout from the Troop be present
3. sleep a minimum of 1 night in a tent (or hammock) that the scout has pitched
4. cook at least two meals
Dave Collins,
Apr 21, 2018, 1:19 PM