New Leader Training

Youth Protection Training (EL)
Topics covered include the BSA's Youth Protection policies, kinds of abuse, signs of abuse, how to respond to disclosure of abuse, and proper reporting procedures.
Fast Start Training (EL)
When new leaders are selected, it is essential that they receive immediate information that will help them get started. Proper training lays the groundwork for success in their leadership roles. This training will help new leaders understand what is expected and establish effective meeting patterns so that the Scouts and their families can enjoy a quality program from the start.
This is Scouting (EL)
An introductory session that highlights the values, aims, history, funding, and methods of Scouting. It replaces New Leader Essentials (effective March 15, 2009), and addresses how these aims and methods are reached in an age-appropriate style within Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing.
All three of the above training courses are available as an E-Learning (EL) course and can be taken on-line at...
New Leader Essentials, Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training
Three part course concentrating on troop operation and can be completed in one full day or three evenings.
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills
Focuses on outdoor skills, last approximately a day and a half depending on the skill level of the new leader.
The Council Training Committee has adopted the following policy regarding SM/ASM Leader Specific Training, including Introduction to Outdoor Skills Training, in a effort to make this important training program available as widely as possible:
  1. The Council Training Committee will ensure that this program is offered by each District at least once each year.
  2. Additionally, the Council Training Committee will coordinate the offering of this program each week of summer camp at Camp Sequassen.
  3. Each District Training Committee is use its best efforts to offer this training to leaders in individual Troops, and made available during Troop campouts
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