Troop Historian

Gary Jr - Historian 2020

Type: Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader

Term: 6 Months

Reports to: Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Description: The Troop Historian keeps a historical record or scrapbook of troop activities.

Comments: The true value of a good Historian does not show up until years later. The Historian provides material for displays and presentations of current activities. In addition, the work of the Historian provides a link with the past.
Historian will upload their work to this page.

T135 News and Info!

The Peace Light event was a community service project.
In the month of December we did winter camping.

Our January camp out featured the Klondike.  

February brought us to ice climbing and into a national lock down.  

March / how did BSA handle a lock down and virtual scouting.

T135 adapts to virtual meetings. 

In May we took a look at Space Day and how scouts participate in the Space Program.

Coming to an end of the scouting year, Troop 135 still stays active in many different ways.

Highlight of July, helping another T135 scout to get the rank of eagle scout. 

Coming to the end of summer with a camp out! getting ready to start scouts and school in a new way for a new year.

Yayy!! Back to scouting in person starting a new scout year.

Dave Collins,
Aug 11, 2014, 6:51 PM
Bob Smith,
Oct 7, 2020, 1:52 PM