Peter J - Eagle Scout Project - Completed Oct 2011

Project Description


The present condition behind the Brookfield Library is unwelcoming! The beautiful, old Rhododendrons next to the picnic area are being smothered by twisting, suffocating Wisteria vines. The picnic table and two benches are moldy. There is also a large pile of dead limbs and branches in the picnic area making it an unpleasant site to relax and read a book.

A 6' 8" x 3' stone walk-way needs to be constructed at the Librarian's entrance. This walk-way will connect the paved parking lot to the slate patio. Currently it is a “dirt” path. With help from my project workers, the Wisteria vines will be cut, untangled and permanently removed from the Rhododendrons preventing re-growth. The picnic table and two benches will be thoroughly cleaned and the pile of dead limbs and branches will be removed. A stone walk-way will be built so the Library employees and patrons don't need to walk thru dirt.